This History

Isabel and Emanuel are a couple in love with travel. Once tourists, today they become true travelers. When traveling, they like to get to know and understand the local communities – their way of life, customs and traditions, symbols and costumes. Over the years, these experiences have become more enriching. And then they were allowed to collect products and ideas from the places where they passed.

On one of the trips to Kenya, they visited several communities where sandals are produced artisanal. Above all, with the colors and patterns characteristic of local cultures. Curiosity over manufactured goods turned out to be a passion.

They kicked off with leather sandals and beads, hand-crafted with Massais design and techniques. As well as other products typically coming from East Africa, such as the Kikois. These African fabrics are vibrant and full of color, transporting us immediately to the customs and customs of this region.

It followed India, where they also found the manufacture of sandals, but with a more sophisticated design. They identified the production of clutches and pouches, fully lined with beads, also carried out by local artisans.

The Project

Their passion for the cultures of Kenya and India coupled with the desire to embrace a new professional project led them to create Moskkito.

Initially, Moskkito pieces began by focusing on concepts that are all about Spring and Summer. For example, travel, beach, resorts, and vacations. However, they have already welcomed the autumn and winter, with a touch of urbanism.

The Moskkito has evolved, passing through Nepal and also by its own country, Portugal. The purpose of the name was built on the exoticism, the good disposition, the lightness and still, versatility that the own parts manifest. The Moskkito suggests desert, tropics, fields and urban spaces. The goal is permanent innovation, evolve in difference and grow. Always having in mind the satisfaction and the surpassing of the expectations of the customers.

The Concept

Moskkito pride in presenting high quality , unique products that go beyond customer expectations.

The motto is From the world … To you, symbol of the trips and the different places where they passed, whose aesthetic heritage will inspire the local craftsmen for the products they present. In addition to perfecting the manufacturing techniques and giving them an attractive design. More importantly, the end product is adapted to Western taste regardless of its genesis.

One of the important components of Moskkito is the strong relationship with the countries and communities where the pieces are produced. And that extends beyond ethnic inspiration. Above all, social responsibility issues also have their bearing on the conduct of the brand. More importantly, its purpose is to contribute to the dynamization and improvement of living conditions of local communities and the preservation of local manufacturing techniques.